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Dolphins at Redskins "This Is Kirk's Team" Week 1 Live Blog

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New year, new starting QB, new optimism baby! The road to the Super Bowl starts today vs the Dolphins. Nah, just kidding. In my season preview blog I said I’d be content with 7 or 8 wins. Fuck, even 6 wins is a 2 win improvement over last season. The bar is set so low I can’t even walk under it. Just need these guys to look like a competent NFL franchise. They have 7 wins combined over the last 2 seasons. Scot McCloughan was brought in during the offseason to clean this team up. It’s going to be a process. This isn’t the year. Next year isn’t the year. But everyone out there today is trying to prove they belong to be a part of the rebuild. And the Dolphins are beatable. Hopefully the Skins get off to a hot start, Cousins stays protected and/or is able to make quick reads and get rid of the ball fast vs Miami’s Suh/Wake front, and we get a big play from DeSean. The road to not being a mediocre, laughing stock of the league starts now!