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Do You Like Free Money? Well DraftKings Is Offering A Free Chance To Play For $100,000 During Week 1

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DraftKings does it again!  It would be awesome to own equity in such an awesome company.  Anyway I’m just going to assume you like free money.  If you don’t then you’re an idiot and please close out of your browser this second.  If you do like free money then DraftKings is here to help.  Week 1 is finally upon us.  You would have to be an all-time idiot not to do this.  Free to play. First places walks away with $10,000.  Did I mention that it’s free to play?  Let’s do it!




Contest details:
-$100K in total prizes, $10K to 1st place

-Top 23,150 fantasy scores win cash or vouchers

– The contest is completely free to enter, and it will pay out $100K in prizes no matter what. Even if you’re not a football fan, take 2 minutes and pick a team and you have a chance to win $10,000.