Football Is Back Which Means One Thing, Joe's Bar On Weed Street Is The Absolute Best Place To Watch Games In The City

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Smell that? Football season is back, the best time of the year and just like last year there is no better place in the city to watch games than at Joe’s Bar on Weed Street. A million TV’s, good food, tons of space and the ability to bet horses while you watch College and NFL. Can’t stress that fact enough, there are horse betting machines 5 feet from the booth so you can have it all.


Also before it gets cold Joe’s has an awesome rooftop (TV’s obviously are behind the photographer in this picture)



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And on Saturday night they have live concerts in the back. This Saturday they have the cover band Yacht Rock Revue. Tell me some college football, horse betting, right into Yacht Rock on a Saturday night isn’t the best play out there? You can’t. Don’t even have to leave Joe’s, all right there, one stop shop.






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