NFL Players Reading Their Superlatives Is Worthy Of A Watch

Not too great, but not too shabby. A couple of decent ones in there with Megatron passing the dark bar, Stafford being a fat faced honkey and Aaron Rodgers looking as average as possible. Also a wise move keeping Joe Haden’s and Gronk’s as short as possible because reading full sentences doesn’t seem like it’s a priority in life. And for the way Peyton looked they could’ve went with the “Most likely to be trying to get rid of that extra chromosome”. Dude looks weathered and needs to find his baseball.

2 Browns. 2 Jets. 2 Lions. 2 Packers. 0 Eagles. Good. Love that there’s no grab ass on game week.

PS – What’s with that little finger bandage, Fallon? Dude 100% seems like the guy who would wear something like that not because it’s needed but for a little pity attention. You’re worth $12 mill a year, pal. I’m not saying pull a Ronnie Lott, but suck it the fuck up.