Groom Saves Woman Choking On Her Steak In The Middle Of Best Man Speech At His Wedding

Inside Edition - A quick-thinking groom jumped into action when he saw one of his guests choking on her steak – and promptly saved her life. Cody Campbell, a Los Angeles County firefighter, married Kelly Yocca at Dove Canyon Golf Club in Rancho Santa Margarita, California on Saturday. During the reception, a guest gave a toast that now seems like a premonition.  “If I’m ever in a position where I need a fireman to help me, I hope it’s you or someone like you,” he said in the video, filmed by Royal Films. Moments later, the woman can be heard choking. The groom’s face can be seen turning from a smile to a look of concern. Bride Kelly told INSIDE EDITION: “All of a suddden I see one of our relatives struggling and, without any hesitation, Cody just jumps in there.” Cody ran to the guest, a female relative in her 60s, and performed the Heimlich Maneuver until the piece of steak came out. His bride Kelly said some of the guests wondered if the whole thing was staged. Fortunately the guest who nearly choked to death quickly recovered. Cody told INSIDE EDITION: “She actually ended up finishing the steak, believe it or not. I saw her on the dance floor and she said, ‘you saved my life.'”

Real talk if thats me – if I’m that groom – old Aunt Sally is a fucking dead woman. I’d let her die on on that steak. Your wedding day is 100% about one person and one person only – your wife. She dreams about her wedding day the millisecond she comes out of the womb. She starves herself for like 12 months leading up to it. She spends an ungodly amount of money on hair and make up and shoes to look as good as she possibly can. You, as a couple, spend a ZILLION times that amount to have this wedding. Its the most expensive thing you’ll ever do by a MILE and its all in an effort to give her the day she wants. Spotlight on her.

So if you think that I’m gonna be the fucking hero and save some idiot who cant chew their steak, you’re nuts. If you think I am gonna steal the show with my heroic fireman routine, you are outside of your mind. Aunt Sally can be hacking up a lung and I’d be like “Everybody look at my beautiful wife? Did you see her shoes? They’re Stuart Weitzman!” This wedding is forever gonna be all about Cody Campbell springing into action. Every guest goes home and tells their friends that story. Nobody cares about the band or the party or how pretty the bride was. Inside Edition doing interviews about him. That chick just got cuckholded at her own wedding.

So if thats me I’m just sitting there quietly and finishing my meal. I’d be telling the Best Man to carry on. Sure, if Aunt Sally is dead, that kind of overshadows the bride too. Now all the headlines are “Woman Dies At Wedding Choking On Steak.” That definitely outshines her Big Day too. BUT. She’s dead now. You’re not the guy who overshadowed her and now has to spend the rest of your life hearing about it. You can both just curse Aunt Sally together under your breath. Trust me the last thing you want to do is start off the rest of your lives together with her bitching at you how you were the superstar and she was just chopped liver.

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