Hillary Clinton Doing The Whip Will Make You Cringe Harder Than You've Ever Cringed






Remember those bitter beer face commercials back in the day? That was the face I just made. I cringed so hard my body basically recoiled. Just HillDog being the uncool mom trying to kick it with the kids. And I know it’s election season (sort of) so you have to do this type of shit to seem “young and hip” but the exact opposite occurs. Trying so hard to be likeable it makes me want to puke. Just want to yell “Mom, STOP, you’re Embarrassing us!” and then go and sit in my car and smoke weed with my friends and talk about how awful it is to have a mom who wants to be “super chill”. Stop that shit Hillary, act your age, not your shoe size*.



Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 7.57.49 AM



*Boom Roasted




Also just a heads up this is the official sign that if you do the whip/nae nae you are the single whitest person on the planet. That shark jumped a lonnnnnng time ago.