Brady Breaking Goodell's Nose With A Football = Vine Of The Century



Hey Roger! Roger! Roger!… welcome to the Brady Bunch terrordome.




It’s about as unrealistic as a Michael Bay movie, because Brady would never overthrow Gronk on a route like that. But that’s movie magic, baby. Can make the impossible possible. A little time in the editing room and you can get historically great pictures like this one…



Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 1.03.15 PM




If I was immature I might say people should photoshop that to make it look like Roger is getting fucked by Pat the Patriot, or Kraft, or Belichick, or Brady, or Judge Berman, or Uncle Sam, or anyone really. But, luckily for Rog I’m a “mature” “journalist” and would never encourage anyone to do such a thing ;)