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Stop What You're Doing And Get Erected With This A+++ Sam Bradford Pump Up Tape

Oh. My. Lord. That boom you just heard was it moving so hard the sound barrier shattered.

People outside (and inside) of this city may wonder why many Eagles fans are overly excited about this season and Sam Bradford. Yes, he’s only played a few series of preseason football. Yes, his knees may be held by paper mache. Yes, we may have declared Nick Foles the second coming of Christ heading into last season and now think the Eagles 100% the right decision trading him, and a draft pick, for Sammy B. Well, this is video represents exactly why. Everyone loves a comeback story. You may forget just how good Sam Bradford was before getting drafted into the 7th level of NFL hell and subsequently shredding his ACL’s. You don’t win a Heisman, become the #1 overall pick, and win AP Offensive Rookie of the year on a lark. This kid had, and still has, major talent in the tank. Believe in the sleeves, baby. Believe in the sleeves.

h/t Chipadelphia