Chip Kelly's New Catchphrase Forces The Little People To Agree With Him No Matter What

The dude is simply playing chess in all aspects of life. He’s not only dominating on the field with X’s and O’s but is Sigmund Freuding people’s minds left and right in between reps. It’s not a Walter Sobchak “Am I wrong?” that confuses people to say yes or no or a standard Smitty “Am I right or am I wrong” that gives everyone the green light to shoot me down. Nope. Chip could say anything prefacing “Do you know what I mean?” and it wouldn’t matter. It could be anything from “The lower man wins” to “If you throw a football behind me the gravitational pull from my massive testicles will slingshot it like Apollo 13 around the moon out of the stadium”. People will still give him a “Yes sir” no matter what.

Chip > Butters.