Latest Asian Trend - Taking Pictures In Plastic Grocery Bags



Daily Mail - A new bizarre fashion trend suggests you may have been overlooking the ultimate clothing item, despite unwittingly bringing it home with you after every shopping trip. People are stripping naked and posting photos of themselves wearing nothing but a plastic bag, as part of the latest social media sensation in Taiwan. Men and women alike are thrilled with their latest garment, although the transparent bags leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. It is particularly ‘cool’ to be seen flaunting a grocery bag from convenience store 7-Eleven, which seems to be a popular brand among plastic bag fans.  The near-naked posers make a true fashion statement by displaying the green logo across their bare chests with pride.  The incredibly affordable hot look of this season is adaptable and chic – simply slip your arms through the plastic handles and go! Perhaps the Taiwanese trend setters took inspiration from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia in April. The St George New Generation models strutted down the catwalk with plastic bags over their heads which proved to be a polarising accessory.

Asians Are From Outer Space – Part 2,756,096. Dont I look sexy in my bag from seven ereven!

We’re at the point with the Asian community where something like this is completely normal. This one barely even fazed me. Its like as long as they arent eating dogs or crushing rabbits to death or blowing each other and eating cockroaches on game shows or making weird anime porn or any of that stuff, we should just be happy. Like I hope the US Government keeps tabs on Asians and are like “General! I need an update! What are the Asians doing today?” “Well sir it appears they’re just wearing grocery bags like clothing and taking selfies.” “Alright then. Dont disturb them. Just leave them alone.”

Its like when you have a puppy thats really misbehaved and he’s chewing up like an old t shirt of yours and you really dont care. You just let them do that because it could be a lot worse. Or a baby that wont stop crying that finally shut up even though they’re playing with a toy that they shouldnt be. You’re just happy they arent being their absolute worst. Thats Asians dressing up in plastic bags. Could be so so much worse. So much weirder. Just be happy they arent cumming all over each other with pixelated dicks in public and let them do their thing.