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Irish Tourist Fights Entire Neighborhood In Istanbul

Independent – A video purporting to show an Irish tourist in a mass brawl with shopkeepers in Istanbul is taking Turkish social media by storm. In the footage, a man described by Turkish media as an “Irish boxer/tourist” can be seen in CCTV footage accidentally spilling a fridge full of bottles of water. This sparks an argument, before a number of shopkeepers start hitting the unarmed tourist with sticks, chairs and other blunt items. The tourist fights back and at one point knocks one man to the floor with a single punch. Towards the end of the video the tourist appears to continue to want to fight before he is eventually calmed down and led away.  The incident has attracted huge interest among Turkish Twitter users, and a source at the Irish consulate in Istanbul told The Independent that the “fun incident” had been tweeted about 75,000 times in Turkey in less than 24 hours. He said the Irish national had been “attacked” by shopkeepers in Istanbul’s Aksaray district after he “accidentally knocked over the bottled waters stored in the cooler”. “The shop owner overreacted and attacked the tourist with a stick,” he said. “The surprising thing is that the tourist turned out to be a pro boxer and knocked down the angry shopkeepers one by one.”

I’m an Irish tourist! King Kong aint got shit on me!

Honestly thats what this scene looks like. King Kong hanging off the Empire State Building swatting helicopters out of the sky like they were gnats. This dude fought an entire neighborhood of Turkish dudes and didnt even flinch. Getting smashed with what looks like pipes and chairs and shit and didnt even bat an eyelash. He was like Mankind in a Hardcore Match. Getting smashed with fluorescent tube lights and stuff and just EATING them. Throwing fists and knocking out every guy on the block like they were little children. We need that Irish MMA guy to square off with this cat. Conor McGregor vs the Irish Tourist Boxer. Slobberknocker down to the final bell.