Young Bryce Harper Once Played In A Baseball Tournament Where He Went 12 For 12...With 11 Home Runs

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Well this certainly isn't human. I don't care who you are or what level of baseball you're playing. Going 12 for 12 with 11 home runs is absolutely beyond belief batshit bananaland.

As a young dreamer of playing in the Majors yet barely making the 12-year-old Little League All-Star team (Joe Carter and Berwyn-Paoli equally destroyed my childhood), I specifically asked Bryce along the lines of "How young were you when you knew you were…different?" And he basically laughed and didn't really want to give a comfortable answer…which leads me to believe he always just knew. Especially since he told his father he was going to be the #1 overall pick in the MLB draft when Bryce was basically in elementary school. But it's one thing talking about it. It's a totally different beast being about it. And putting up 11 dingers in 12 at-bats is impossible in MLB The Show, let alone real, actual life. Well, maybe for everyone except for Bryce and Big Al. That kid is still hitting dingers. 

But that's why Bryce was, is, and forever will be king. It also helps when you've already won MVP twice in the Majors and are very much on your way to the 3rd (also is about to cash in on his 2nd straight NL Player Of The Month). Halfway thru the year and he's producing a .305 average, 57 ribbies, 20 bombs, .987 OPS, with a Gold Glove caliber mitt at 1B. And the scary part is MV3 doesn't even look 100% locked in yet. He's dominating, for sure, but there's still work to be done.