The U.S. Told the Paris Olympics Organizers To Go Fuck Themselves and Their Environmental Plan Because We're Bringing Air Conditioners for Our Athletes

Associated Press — The U.S. Olympic team is one of a handful that will supply air conditioners for their athletes at the Paris Games in a move that undercuts organizers’ plans to cut carbon emissions. U.S. Olympic and Paralympic CEO Sarah Hirshland said Friday that while the U.S. team appreciates efforts aimed at sustainability, the federation would be supplying AC units for what is typically the largest contingent of athletes at the Summer Games.

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If you thought the US of A was coming to the Olympics and putting the best athletes in the world in rooms with cardboard beds and no A/C to satisfy your European virtue signaling, you got another thing coming, pal. We do freedom, rock 'n roll and air conditioning around these parts.

Athletes' rooms with no air conditioning are going to be kept between 73 and 79 degrees. Satan will serve ice water in Hell before I'll ever set foot in a room where the thermostat is set to 79 and that's what we're giving world-class athletes in the summer? I'm generally not a proponent of shipping taxpayer money overseas, but I'd be down to give every athlete in the Olympic Village an A/C unit courtesy of the United States because 79 degrees is a war crime.

I feel much better about our chances in literally every event now that I know most countries will have their athletes sweating their balls off through the night while our competitors are sleeping soundly at 67 degrees. U-S-A.