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Team USA Selection Chair Jen Rizzotti Defends The Decision To Leave Caitlin Clark Off Team USA And Says "It Wasn't Their Job To Decide How Many People Would Watch"

Wake up babe, new Team USA article just dropped! Listen, I'll write about the WNBA and Caitlin Clark until my fingers bleed if they keep producing pageviews which is exactly what Caitlin Clark does. Of course Clark responded to being left off the team in the most classy way possible, but Rizzotti is basically taking the only angle that makes a -sliver- of sense. Sliver is the keyword here, considering the women's team hasn't lost in the Olympics SINCE 1992. They could probably put 5 of their expected "12 best" players out there and still end up winning gold. The disparity in rank between the USA side and every other country in the women's game is just something that isn't going to be touched for years, if ever.

We should also be talking about how the committee that is trying to put "the best team" out there managed to leave off the 2nd leading scorer in the WNBA and an absolute BUCKET in Arike Ogunbowale:

Sure, Clark may not be one of the best 12 players on the planet -at the moment-. But if you're going to sit here and tell me that Diana Taurasi at -42- is, then I got some ice to sell you as Dave would say. The real answer here is that in four years they're going to invite Clark and even Angel Reese with open arms for the Olympics stateside, but will it be too late?

Why doesn't anyone in women's basketball understand the importance of marketability? This response is actually getting a lot of praise on the side of Team USA, which makes me think all those people haven't watched a single game (statistics might tell you that's true too) because we're talking about a team who hasn't lost in 32 years. I will give Twitter credit though because I can read these replies of people arguing back and forth for hours. Peak cinema.

P.S. Obligatory great segment by Stephen A anytime you talk Clark/USA: