Caitlin Clark Responds To Being Left Off The Olympic Team In The Most Classy Way Ever

Source - Caitlin Clark's addressing the snub heard round the world ... getting candid about missing out on the Olympics after she was shockingly left off the roster.

The first-round pick addressed all the hubbub Sunday ... and, she says she's totally cool with the choice -- expressing her excitement for the players who did make the team.

Clark said, in part, "I know it’s the most competitive team in the world and I know it could’ve gone either way, me being on the team or me not being on the team. I’m excited for them, gonna be rooting them on to win gold."

CC adds the Olympic squad's a long-term goal ... so, sounds like she's got her sights set on 2028 out here in Los Angeles.

Well there you have it. It's time to move on, folks. It's not like she was going to come out and start bitching about how she wanted to be on the team. She took the high road, just like she did when Chennedy Carter laid her ass out. The entire internet has been freaking out over whether or not she "deserves" to be on the team and it's honestly ridiculous.

There are two ways of thinking about it, which none other than Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser laid out perfectly... 


Wilbon says doesn't "deserve" to be on the team, Kornheiser says if the WNBA wants eyeballs...she should be. That's it. It's not life or death. Both of these opinions are correct. Do I think it's a little weird that Brittney Griner is on the team instead of her? Sure, but at the end of the day we traded her for a Russian arms dealer so we need to get our money's worth. Besides, this could be a good thing. Caitlin allegedly texted her head coach saying Team USA "woke a monster" by leaving her off the team. Time will tell, but for now everyone needs to chill the fuck out. Good on Caitlin for once again rising above the BS.