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Logan Paul and Bradley Martin May Have Faked an Off Screen Fight

So apparently this has been bubbling up for a long time. It's kind bullshit that this happened and they didn't film it. Also, it makes it sound 100% fake. This looked so staged I can't even believe it. They both have 0 red marks on their bodies, no cuts after doing bare-knuckle fighting apparently. Like, check this out. 

I mean the explanation makes no sense. 

This also looks exactly like a WWE promo after he is walking out of Zoo Culture. 

Also it's insane how much Logan Paul has changed since this video was taken. A whole lot more juicy. 

Like if those dudes legit went at it at their weights and strength there would be way more damage. 

This is from bare-knuckle fighting. I know it way more rounds, but how the hell did Bradley and Logan legit have no marks? 


I mean this is so ridiculous that people are casually passing this off as real.

Brendan Schaub is the only one that is heavily vouching it is real.

I do not believe this until I see the damage.