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AWESOME: 8-Year-Old London Phillies Fan Gets Offered $1K Or "Mystery Baseball" And His Decision Results In Pure Joy

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Annnndddd that is how London Mason became the 2024 Phillies go-to guy for destiny. Just an all around amazing, feel great video. $1,000 pounds (1,272.49 in AMERICAN) or a "Mystery Baseball" and this young bloke decides to go with his heart over his Mom's wallet right in front of her cheeky face. That alone is incredible. And we all knew it already, but it's great to see all of the Phillies are actually human. It's funny when Trea Turner says him and Mason might be teammates on the Phillies someday and since he's signed thru 2034, it's shockingly not out of the complete realm of possibilities. Stranger things have indeed happened. Maybe. 

You see, you piece of SEC-POS Uncle Stevie? Instead of being all butthurt and not promoting the London Series to the best of the Mets ability, THIS is how you grow the damn game. The (fun-sized) Rocket approves. 

Also shout out to former Barstool/Gametime great and current Paddy The Baddy videographer Blaise on getting in the mix, as well. Other than the Phillies (or just Alvarado) shitting themselves and gifting the Mets a W, I'd say the London Series was a pretty doggone good time. 

PS - Not too shabby of a stat. Meaningless, but cool, nonetheless. The boys are back in Boston tonight. Go Phils.