SAD: Mets Are Refusing To Invite MLB Europe Ambassador Chase Utley To Promote Upcoming London Series At Citi Field


Taking petty to a whole new level, eh? The Phillies and Mets are playing in the London Series come June and one would think both franchises would do whatever they can to grow the game...but I guess not. Oh well. Now we know things haven't gone the Mets way since declaring the NL East crown only about 3 weeks into the 2022 season. It's tough to see a once mediocre franchise struggle and need extra innings to win a single game out of 4 vs. the Phillies in 2024. But not promoting the game because a single player that hasn't played in almost a decade dominated you throughout his career? That...that's just sad.

Don't be a Steve Cohen. Be a Jared Carrabis*. Grow the damn game. 

*A Carrabis with maybe a little less Saugus in the blood. Not for the game. For humanity. 

Hey Chase, thanks for being the bigger person and putting your differences aside for the good of the game. Harry always said it best. You are the man. 

PS - Obligatory.