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VIDEO: Deontay Wilder Was Brutally KO'd By BIG BANG ZHANG Over The Weekend

Big Bang Zhang is one of the scariest dudes I have seen in person. He is 6'6 260 lbs with insane conditioning. He legit just has effortless power that he can go deep into fights with. Like his head is the size of a watermelon, there is no way to Knock him out. 

But Wilder has to be smarter than this. How the hell do you turn away and let him chase you down and KO you? 

The dude is just a brutal KO artist. He is literally a Chinese Ivan Drago every punch has the the weight of communism behind it. 

Legit BANG BANG ZHANG. He might have ended Deontay's career. He is a mauler with every punch. I think right now Zhang could take Tyson Fury. That would be a fight I would love to watch. Fury is best against heavyweights but Zhang's power is skillfully matched. Zhang just knows how to hit people to knock them out. 

Wilder did stumble Zhang earlier in the round though.

This was the same spin that got him KO'd which was hilarious. Like no one should spin in a boxing ring, that's how you get KO'd.