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Crazy 3v1 Fan Fight From UFC 302 This Past Weekend

This is the Kyle drinking monster's personal 300 battle of Thermopylae. 1 dude from the low ground used gravity to his advantage and absolutely melted the long hair dude. The long hair dude was looking for a problem, and he absolutely got it and more. That guy was yelling in the Kyle looking fella's face asking for problems and he got smoked. I mean how embarrassing is it to lose the high ground and get KO'd rolling down the seats? 

I mean this is also another reason why Julius Caesar made the Caesar haircut so someone couldn't pull your hair and behead you. 

Or just beat your face in. I mean this guy was clearly the aggressor, so to see him get his ass beat by a dude who did not want any problems is pretty hilarious. 

Look the UFC gets the blood pumping, monkey see monkey do, everyone wants to fight. If you are going to try to fight, don't get absolutely starched and dragged like a ragdoll.