Bryce Harper, Chase Utley, And Mac Promote The Shit Out Of The London Series With "The Bryceman Cometh"

"The Bryceman Cometh"

Oh shit there's stickers! Again! Just an excellent promo all around, through and through for the game of baseball. Eugene O'Neil  would be ecstatic. Maybe. But if I was a burger connoisseur turned into the most famous Only Fans podcast host/online trivia MVP in the world I'd give it 5 Balls. No less. Obviously Mac is great, but Chase and Bryce showed off some acting moxie, too. "Don't worry, I got Rollins for that." Actually funny. MV3 got some jokes. Respect. 

Remember when the Mets were too cool to promote their own series in London vs. the Phillies? Sad!

See, SEC Criminal Cohen, THIS is how you promote YOUR London Series for the good of the game. Instead of worrying about having the biggest payroll in the history of the sport and not even sniff .500, maybe do better. Not for you, but for baseball. Till then, #LOLMets - The worst team in the whole fucking MLB. 

PS - This was almost 15(!!!) years ago. Good gravy. The fact Always Sunny has been A+ from the jump through present day is absolutely incredible.