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Superstar Bryce Harper Getting Ejected In The 1st Inning For NOTHING Is A Crime Against Humanity

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GET 'EM BRYCE. He's 100000% correct with how this shitshow went down, but that's not even the most egregious part of the ejection. This Ump Show screws over the fans more than anyone. Imagine being a Phillies/baseball/life supporter in Colorado and spending your good, hard earned money solely to watch one of the greatest ballplayers in the history of the game perform for 2+ hours for your entertainment…and then this happens. Over NOTHING. It's really that unacceptable. This shouldn't happen to a modern day Desi Relaford, but a 2-time MVP in his prime? For shame, Blue. For shame, indeed. 

The Phillies lost in the 11th (this team is so good that going down in extras is legit the only way they actually lose these days) and, yup, a Bryce double in the gap and/or dinger would've made a huge difference. But one of the best in the game wasn't even given the opportunity after his first AB and that, humanity, is indeed a bummer. We all deserve better. 

Also, this is the second straight series in Colorado where Bryce was ejected. This one wasn't the Rockies fault, but this point stands: "Fucking loser organization", indeed. 

First place and back at it with Nola on the bump and an ANGRY Bryce back in the lineup. Let's get it back. Go Phils.