I'm So Tired Of Every "News" Outlet Using Rumors And Whispers About Taylor Swift For Clicks

I've been getting texts like this for months now. No shade to my guy Dante who is just making sure I'm up on the news but I will say, if the news is Taylor Swift related, I've seen it. It's all I do. I wake up, I check for Taylor news. I'm scrolling my phone all day long going through convos on Twitter about XYZ rumors flying around, sifting through fake reports and stories planted to get engagement. The problem isn't the fact that Dante texted me, it's WHAT he texted me. A link to this "viral news" instagram account with 38 MILLION followers, Pubity:

These kinds of pages are the bane of my fucking existence. They are click farms, and they'll say ANYTHING to get engagement. Taylor Swift is a #1 resource for these outlets and this is why I spend half my day trying to decide what's real, and what is fake. The big rumor going around right now, is that Taylor had a meeting with Kevin Feige (head of MCU) about some future series about someone called Blonde Phantom. Umm…..are we all this dumb? Does anyone actually think this is real, especially as all of the Deadpool/Dazzler rumors are flying around? Give me a break. 

Do I think Taylor has met with the Marvel people? Absolutely. I do NOT think, they'd put out easter eggs and little hints and nods about Taylor being Dazzler, and then suddenly have her be a "Blonde crime fighting spy in 1950s Las Vegas." If I'm totally wrong on this, I'll owe everyone an apology but let me be the first to say I am not on board. We have a comic book character that looks like Taylor Swift and also has a super power of turning music into light, is literally a performer, already existing….and suddenly Disney is going to make a Big Blonde Spy Bimbo character series for her? I just say there's no way. 

We talk about it more on this week's episode of Taylor Watch but what I really need, are for the "news outlets" to cut the shit. Like, stop reporting on random rumors from random sources when it comes to Taylor, and start using your brain. REAL ONES know which sources are legit, and "Pubity" (fucking awful name, irks me every time i see it, looks like "puberty" to me) isn't one of them.