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I'm Starting To Think The Deadpool Fans Are Right And Taylor Swift Dropped "Dazzler" Easter Eggs In Her New Song "Clara Bow"

Ever since The Tortured Poets Department came out, the "Taylor Swift as Dazzler in the new Deadpool movie" rumors have been running RAMPANT. Now, I always assumed this was a no brainer - Ryan Reynolds is one of her besties, she brought Hugh Jackman and director Shawn Levy to a Chiefs game, the character itself LOOKS like Taylor....I'd say its VERY VERY likely that she will be in this movie, and I assumed everyone thought the same. However, once her new album came out, people were thinking that she was putting easter eggs in her songs ABOUT being Dazzler...to which I said "okay, get a grip." 

I received a stunning amount of texts that wondered because Taylor ended her song "Clara Bow" (the last song on the first side of her TTPD album) with the word "Dazzling," it was an easter egg for this upcoming movie. I replied no, probably not, as its just a word she loves. She's used a variation of "dazzle" in many a song, specifically Lover, where she proclaims "there's a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you, dear." She loves to sing about a sparkle, a shine, a bejeweled - it's an emotion she expresses often whether or not she feels she IS dazzling, or the world wants her to be so when she is not. Mirrorball is another song where she describes, at length, the need to be sparkling and shining to make everyone happy. 


The new song Clara Bow is all about the passage of time and how there will always be "another starlet to come" and the illusion that the new will replace the old; first being Clara Bow, second being Stevie Nicks, last being Taylor Swift. A perfectly meaningful song to her life, and what I originally thought was WAY too deep of a message to be "riddled with Deadpool easter eggs." After watching the video I posted at the top of the blog however, I'm starting to think I might be missing a few things. Here are the lyrics:

You look like Clara Bow in this light


All your life, did you know

You'd be picked like a rose"

"I'm not trying to exaggerate

But I think I might die if it happened

Die if it happened to me

No one in my small town thought I'd see the lights of Manhattan"

"This town is fake but

You're the real thing

Breath of fresh air through smoke rings

Take the glory, give everything

Promise to be dazzling"

"You look like Stevie Nicks

In '75, the hair and lips

Crowd goes wild at her fingertips

Half moonshine, a full eclipse

I'm not trying to exaggerate

But I think I might die if I made it,

Die if I made it

No one in my small town

Thought I'd meet these suits in LA,They all want to say ...

This town is fake but

You're the real thing

Breath of fresh air through smoke rings

Take the glory, give everything

Promise to be dazzling

The crown is stained but you're the real queen

Flesh and blood amongst war machines

You're the new god we're worshipping

Promise to be ... dazzling

Beauty is a beast that roars

Down on all fours

Demanding "more"

Only when your girlish glow

Flickers just so

Do they let you know

It's hell on earth to be heavenly

Them's the breaks

They don't come gently

You look like Taylor Swift

In this light

We're loving it.

You've got edge she never did

The future's bright

... Dazzling.

I truly didn't think anything of any of this, but the guy's explanation of the short lived Beauty & The Beast comic book series featuring Dazzler had me scratching my chin. Taylor LOVES to liken lyrics to fairytales, so at first it doesn't mean anything other than that...but it definitely lends itself to the theory. Also finding out that her "power" is turning sound into light, with all of the "future's bright" language in the lyrics.....idk!!!! He made some pretty good points!!!

Adding to the theories....I'm seeing that Dazzler's real name is Alison Blaire. What's Taylor Swift's middle name? ALISON. ONE L. Interesting stuff!!!!

Oh, and one more....Deadpool comes out on July 26th. What's half of 26? 13. You should all know by now what 13 means. 

Looking forward to it either way!!!!!