Get Your Popcorn Ready: Joe Biden And Donald Trump Have Agreed To Two Debates This Summer

Look I'm not the most in-touch political correspondent, but I was under the impression that Joe Biden and Donald Trump were not going to debate each other this year. My sources are only a few things I've overheard while blogging in the Gambling Cave, but people were saying that Trump would never agree to the rules set out by Biden, and Biden wouldn't be able to stay awake for the event anyways. So when I saw Joe (or whoever runs his Twitter) talk some shit this morning, I figured it wouldn't come to anything.


CNN? Of course! Biden setting the ground rules, like they said he would, assuming Trump's mic gets cut every time he interrupts or goes off the wagon. No way Trump accepts that, right? But then Joe doubled down and said he'd do ABC as well.

Oooooh….a little closer to the center. Not Fox, but not CNN. And with that, Trump has to accept this one, right? All he wants to do is be in the same room as Joe Biden with the cameras rolling, and now he has his chance.

Guys, he accepted both. This is actually happening.

I don't care which way you lean, you will be watching. These will be the two most anticipated nights of television of the entire year, and I'm just going to leave it at that for now. You pirañas can go feast below, but June 27th and September 10th just became appointment television. I just added both to my calendar.