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A British Special Forces Officer Describes an MI6 Mission That Recovered a Downed UFO and Chased Aliens on Foot

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It's fair to say that the whole narrative of military whistleblowers coming clean about what the government knows about UFOs/UAPs has gone cold in recent months. Pushed to the back burner among more immediate and tangible matters like war, terrorist attacks, a mental health crisis, an opioid epidemic, and the debate over Sydney Sweeney's bewbs

But at the same time, we're talking about the greatest mystery in the history of civilization. One that could either be the most elaborate hoax ever pulled or fundamentally change the human race's relationship with the universe. Or fall somewhere in between, though that's hard to imagine. Either way, it's too important to take our eyes off the UFO ball here, no matter what other pressing needs we're dealing with or how determined Sydney is to let those puppies off the leash on any given day. 


So here, for the first time in a while, is a tale told by yet another highly regarded, supremely competent and ultra-reliable military officer confirming what other whistleblowers have testified to:

Source - British special forces recovered a downed 'non-human' craft in northern England in the late 1980s, a former UK paratrooper and military intelligence officer claims.

Franc Milburn, a veteran of the British Army's elite Parachute Regiment, tells he has spoken with a member of the MI6-run unit that conducted the alleged operation. …

Milburn divulged eye-popping details of the story told to him by his ex-Special Forces friend after both had left the Army – saying that he wanted to support recent US whistleblowers' claims of a secret UFO crash retrieval program. …

Milburn said that in the 1980s John [Author's note: This is an alias] worked for a reported secret unit now known as the 'E Squadron', which specialized in covert, clandestine, and paramilitary operations.

E Squadron, previously called 'The Increment', recruited the most experienced and reliable operators from the UK's Special Forces units. …

'He told me they were deployed in a troop-sized unit, maybe 20-30 Special Forces operators,' Milburn said. 

'They'd been told by the RAF [Royal Air Force] that a craft which wasn't Russian, British, or American had been downed.

'He said they were tasked to secure and retrieve the craft in the north of England. They were flown in by helicopter. They established a cordon, a perimeter, and they approached the craft.

'He didn't describe the craft, he just said it was obvious it was non-human, and it was obvious that there were occupants who had fled the scene on foot – or whatever you call it.

'He said then it became a task of tracking down these beings to try to bring them into custody.

'Part of the unit was left protecting the craft. They would have left maybe six to eight blokes to cordon the craft, and the others would have been on foot, quad bikes, or 4x4s trying to track down these entities that escaped from it, with helicopters supporting.

'He said after that it was totally passed over. He said, "scientists and technicians came in and it was completely out of our hands. We were flown away by helicopter, and we knew nothing more after that.'" …

[T]he ex-paratrooper said he trusted the word of his elite ex-comrade, after vetting him with other SAS veterans.

'I believe him 100%. I worked with the bloke in Civvy Street [post-military work]. This is a true-blue paratrooper. I spoke to former SAS and paratrooper mates of his.

'We're talking about a guy who fought bravely in the Falklands in some of the most brutal engagements,' he added. 'This is not the kind of guy who f*s around or talks st.'

As is the case in any secondhand account, whether you accept it as truth or not depends on your preconceived notions. If you come into this as a believer, your confirmation bias kicks in and you buy it. If you're a skeptic, you regard it as hearsay and claim it's not proof. Both of which are fair. 

But if you really look at this objectively, you'll take Franc Milburn at his word. And the one they call John as well. These sorts of cats are the best of the best. They live by a strict moral code. Particularly when it comes to one another. Like Milburn says, this is not the kind of guy who fucks around or talks shit. He has been in real fights. He's seen the worst of the worst. If he wanted to tell a story to impress a fellow paratrooper, he doesn't have to resort to lies. He's got a million true stories. So there's no need to make up some drivel about a downed UFO and chasing its passengers around northern England back in the age of Kylie Minogue and Thomas the Tank Engine.

And if John did choose to tell lies to a fellow Special Forces fighter, he wouldn't tell a story about setting up a perimeter and pursuing some aliens on foot until the Men in Black took over the operation and he and his fellow troopers choppered back to base. It would've been a lot more dramatic than just seeing a "non-human" craft and not finding ET. 

I'll admit that on its own, this story wouldn't prove much. But add it to the ever-growing mosaic of similar reports from our most trusted fighting men, and you get a clearer picture of a military that has routinely investigated inexplicably advanced aircraft. And has protocols in place to cover up what they've found, with the cooperation of the very people they send in to be boots on the ground. The full story will come out eventually. In this life or the next. But for now, I'll accept Franc Milburn as just another truth teller going against the lies world governments have been telling us.