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Slate.com Says That Sydney Sweeney's Boobs "Aren't That Big". My Rebuttal:

Really appreciate the X platform for immediately fighting disinformation on this issue with their context feature. Without Elon paying $44Bn to preserve free speech and combat liberal rag sheets like Slate, we'd be living in a world where disinformation about Sweeney's boobs were allowed to fester and become the prevailing narrative on the internet. I am going to provide further evidence to stop the spread. This is for scientific purposes only so please keep your comments respectful. 

Exhibit A:

Elegant, tasteful, beautiful, enormous jams. 

Vacation. Relaxed. Minimal support there. Dominating your field of vision. Hanging.

Ample from any angle

Should've been cast in Barbie

Girl loves dairy. Who could blame her.

Does Slate magazine dot com not have cable or internet? Did they miss her on SNL?

This is a fan account just dedicated to her having giant mams

The defense rests. 18.6M followers on IG can't be wrong

PS: Call me crazy, but the meme from the hot ones elevated her to a different level. She became the perfect girl next door with that smile