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The Best QB Options For The New York Jets If Aaron Rodgers Joins The Kennedy Campaign

Michael Reaves. Getty Images.

I know I haven't been here that long but that's the weirdest headline I've ever written. I'm not going to go into the mental despair this Aaron Rodgers/Vice-President news has me in because I wrote a blog about it yesterday. I will say the news today has me about 10% more worried this is actually a reality. I'm not going to go into the allegations that Aaron Rodgers said a few years ago that he thinks Sandy Hook was a hoax. However, the fact that he sent this tweet out that he denied every saying Sandy Hook ws a hoaxand didn't even mention his interest in being the Vice-President has me concerned.

(As an aside, if you think Sandy Hook was a hoax, you need to spend some time looking inward at yourself and from both an intellectual and basic human decency standpoint. Be a better person.) 

I still don't think Rodgers is going to leave the team. I also may be in serious denial. But for the sake of this exercise, let's assume he's going to be debating Kamala Harris in the Fall. Here are the best QB options that the Jets could turn to:

Tyrod Taylor

Scott Serio. Shutterstock Images.

Taylor is the current backup and while he is an upgrade over Zach Wilson, this would be like getting a bologna sandwich when you expect filet mignon. There was a time about a decade ago when Taylor was a good QB who was pretty underrated. He's 35 now and isn't that guy anymore. Is he a fine backup? Absolutely. If he's starting Game 1 of the NFL season, I'm going to sob.

Justin Fields

Quinn Harris. Getty Images.

I like Justin Fields maybe more than I should. I get that he can look like an incredible player and the very next quarter look like Ryan Leaf. He's probably one of those guys that is easier to enjoy from afar than having to see him each and every week. But who out there has a greater ceiling? 

Fields is only 25 and he did lead the Bears to wins in four of the last six games. Now, you can make a valid case that has more to do with that defense getting better after the Bears traded for Montez Sweat. But on the other hand, maybe this Jets defense being so strong would help Fields feel like he doesn't have to do too much.

Obviously, I want Aaron Rodgers to be the QB of the NY Jets next year. But if that can't happen, this is the option that doesn't make me completely miserable.

Zach Wilson

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.


Bo Nix

Lydia Ely. Getty Images.

Full disclosure: I know very little to almost nothing about college football. People seem to think Bo Nix will be available when the Jets draft 10th overall. I asked Big Ev who does know college football and he said his game won't do well in the pros and he is too reliant on the screen pass. Fucking wonderful.

I can't do another rookie QB right now. Geno Smith, Sam Darnold, Christian Hackenberg, Zach Wilson…I just can't. 

Ryan Tannehill

Wesley Hitt. Getty Images.

Ryan Tannehill the best free agent option still available. This is the last time I'll ever use the words "Tannehill" and "best" in the same sentence ever again. He was godawful last year. He has had a very nice career but he has no business being a NFL starting QB in the NFL in 2024. 

Other than Justin Fields, these are all nightmare scenarios for the Jets if Rodgers does leave. I thought writing this blog would make me feel slightly better and it didn't at all. Like I said at the top of the blog, I don't think Rodgers would actually leave but if he does…we're fucked. 

Once again.