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Aaron Rodgers Potentially Running As VP Might Finally Convince Me Curses Are Real

Michael Owens. Getty Images.

I don't believe in curses. I don't believe in curses. I don't believe in curses.

I have to keep telling myself that because the news that Aaron Rodgers, the QB of my favorite football team…no…the SAVIOR of my favorite football team, could be deciding to run as a motherfucking VICE-PRESIDENT for Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign. This goes beyond shredding his Achilles' before the first commercial break of the first game of the year…just like Vinny Testaverde blew his Achilles' out on the same exact day 25 years earlier. This is more ludicrous than not drafting Dan Marino. This is more bizarre than Peyton Manning choosing to go back to school rather than be the NUMBER ONE OVERALL FUCKING PICK rather than play for the Jets.

Aaron Rodgers wanting to be a Vice-President isn't a sports story. It's a fucking Mad-Lib. It makes no sense. I've been watching sports for over 35 years and can't remember anything else even remotely similar.

What are we even talking about? Why is this happening? Could this actually be….a curse? I choose not to believe that. I can't believe that. Curses are things that 300 years from now people will make fun of us about just like we laugh that people believed the Earth was flat. Maybe not the best example but you get my point.

For example, the Curse of the Bambino did not exist. It was bad ownership. You had an owner who was broke and didn't care about baseball followed by a guy who treated the team like a country club and was the last team to break the color barrier. After Tom Yawkey died, they chose to not seriously play into free agency because they didn't think it was worthwhile as Yawkey's elderly widow owned the Sox in name only. They literally had no owner for over a decade as they were owned by a trust. The Curse of the Bambino wasn't a curse. It was shitty ownership. 

The Red Sox won a World Series just two years after John Henry took over. On the other hand, look what happened when he stopped giving a shit about the team. They are in shambles. You could make the same argument about the Jets. The core issue is bad ownership. Woody Johnson is incredible at picking the worst possible people to run and coach the team. That's not a curse. That's an inept organization. 

People 40 and older can talk to you about how shitty the Patriots were until Robert Kraft took over. I've said for years there is no such thing as a curse. It's bad ownership.

I tell myself all of these things but…come on. Aaron Rodgers is seriously contemplating leaving the team for a guy who is polling at 13%. Just last week Rodgers said he wanted to keep playing well into his 40's. What the fuck happened?

"Four more years" while the guy the next week is talking about being on a presidential ticket. You can't make this shit up.

So no. I can't and I won't believe in curses. I'm not going to sit here and expect doom and gloom surrounding the Jets. That's not how I want to live my life as a fan. Am I tired, sad and angry that I am 44 fucking years old and I've never even seen them GET TO A GODDAMN SUPER BOWL? Yes. But I also have to believe that things can and will get better. 

So no. I am not ready to say the Jets are cursed. I won't do it. This is fucked up but will make the eventual Super Bowl trip that much sweeter. You can't have the sweet without the sour.

Let's check in on how my Mets are doing.

Fuck it. I'm going back into solitary confinement.