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Insane Behavior: There's No World Where It's Acceptable As A Fan To Take Your Shoes Off At The A-10 Tournament And Let Those Puppies Breathe

This isn't one of those debate blogs like when is it okay to take your shoes off on a plane. This is the A-10 Tournament and people can't stop letting those puppies breathe in the crowd. Let me be very clear, there's no world where this is acceptable. I'm a man who is barefoot nearly 24 hours of the day because my commute is from my bed, down the steps, a stop in the kitchen for coffee and to my office. Rinse, repeat. I love being barefoot. I would never be barefoot at the A-10 Tournament, even if it's the finest part of Brooklyn and no longer in Atlantic City. Really, maybe, this guy is just protesting and proving a point why the tournament belongs back in Atlantic City. There, you can get away with basically anything. 

Maybe he was prepping for Jerry After Dark? I hear that men's feet took the nation over last night. 

I don't mean to blog juice, just promo our best and most creative content people here. This is an A-10 blog, plus Francis would simply destroy me with the written word. That's knowing your role. 

Now I have a soft spot for the A-10. They are an insane bunch of people on Twitter who have nothing else to cheer for. We're talking about Dayton, Loyola Chicago (I'm sure Dante will take offense to this somehow), St. Louis, St. Bonaventure, every other Saint in the world. You get the point. They want to be this great basketball conference but really they are just in no-man's land. They will fight anyone and everyone. So, yeah, I get there are insane people who think this move is okay. But you can't be barefoot in the crowd. I don't care if you're prepping for Jerry After Dark or proving a point. You're at a basketball arena. Think about all the gross shit on the floor there and you'll immediately start to puke a little in your mouth. 

Shirts off? By all means, blast some bare chest. You wanna show up in a bathing suit like you're on the swim team? Sure, anything to support the team. But we've gone too far when you're standing at the Barclay's Center barefoot. Society is already losing its mind by the day and this is a prime example of it. The worst part is this isn't even some drunk college kid. We're talking functioning adults here. These are the people who work side by side next to you. These are people raising the youth of America. Can't have it.