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The NFL Needs To Make This Rumored Trade Of Justin Jefferson To The Bengals For Tee Higgins + Two First Round Picks A Reality Because It Makes Too Much Sense And Bringing The 2019 LSU Offense To Cincinnati Would Be Indisputably Awesome

Look, I hate blogging about potentially unfounded trade rumors here at Barstool since so many don't happen. But considering there were roughly one zillion blogs written about Dame Lillard being traded to Miami last year before he was shipped to Milwaukee, I think it's fair to write one about Justin Jefferson being linked to the Bengals since:

A. Ja'Marr Chase's cryptic tweet has caused chaos on Twitter 

B. One of the best and coolest college football teams of all-time reuniting their three major offensive weapons on an NFL team would be objectively fucking incredible

and C. Justin Jefferson is undeniably currently a much bigger superstar in his sport than Dame is.

Not only that, but we have outstanding sources powering this rumor, such as the "dude in the community's giflriend" who just so happens to work with Joe Burrow's girlfriend at Krogers dropping the specifics.

I would love it if Joe Burrow was dating a cashier that literally and figuratively checked him out at one of the 26 Krogers in Cincinnati, even though I'm guessing she works somewhere in Krogers corporate offices (if even a fraction of this rumor is true).

We also had the always delightful Kay Adams stirring the pot, which I will never complain about.

Now Diana Russini, who is an elite NFL insider that breaks stories of all sizes from where star free agents will sign to the fact that the producer of a Tier 1 podcast that covers the NFL (Max of PMT) was drinking two sodas on a plane, cooled this rumor down with a giant vat of cold water by tweeting the Vikings have no interest in moving Jefferson.

However, isn't that exactly what a team would want to say about a player they are currently looking to get the biggest package for?

Giphy Images.

Justin Jefferson was visibly frustrated when Kirk Cousins couldn't get him the ball in big spots, which means he might actually lose his fucking mind with Sam Darnold as his quarterback during his contract year after going through last season with Josh Dobbs, Nick Mullens, and Jaren Hall all getting starts for the Vikings. Jefferson getting a fresh start (and a shitttttttttttttttload of cash) to play with his college teammates is a huge win for him instead of unhappily playing on the franchise tag after this season. The Vikings would get a WR1 along with the picks necessary to move up to get a QB of the future this year or next.

Meanwhile, the Bengals get to reunite the 2019 LSU Tigers. I know Mike Brown likes trading draft picks as much as he likes paying a bunch of money to a star player (Read: Not even a little). But having three superstars that clearly want to play together could help the money part a tiny bit along with maybe giving the Bengals their first Super Bowl championship.

Speaking of which…

I mean, the NFL has to make this happen. If the Vikings are hesitant getting rid of the best player in the trade, Goodell should just throw them some compensatory picks to sweeten the deal until they say yes. I hated losing Odell Beckham Jr. from the Giants, but they now have Dexter Lawrence because of that trade. I will not discuss anymore of it because the GM who made it causes my blood pressure to raise to a dangerous level. The Bengals obviously also have to sign Clyde Edwards-Helaire as a condition to all this since he was the lead rusher on that LSU team. But I'm sure he won't cost too much.

If Goodell truly as the NFL's best interests at heart, he will use his absolute power to create a rule that allows him to push through trades that are indisputably awesome, which would result like highlights like this ending with unlimited Griddys in Cincinnati.

Get it done Goodell and use your power for good for once.

P.S. If fans of either team are staunchly against this trade, please tweet @UncleChaps your displeasure. Thank you.