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Dianna Russini Tells The Backstory Of Max Having Two (2) Sodas On An Airplane

On today's Pardon My Take... DIANNA RUSSINI! The Senior NFL insider for The Athletic joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss her reporting on Max’s flight, the Combine, upcoming NFL free agency, managing being a mom and being a very accomplished reporter, and tons more.

Speaking of Max's flight, it has been one of the biggest PMT storylines for the last month. Here is the backstory...

TLDW: The day of the Super Bowl Week flight to Las Vegas, Max was hungover and was worried about missing his flight. He had no choice but to go with a burrito, and coincidentally ended up sitting next to Dianna. He napped, ripped farts, and smelled. He also had two (2) sodas on the plane, according to Russini.

So, fast forward to last week at the NFL Combine, and what gift did Dianna bring for Max? You guessed it.... two (2) sodas!

The interview was recorded last week, and dropped on today's show. We already got Dianna's report to PFT that he relayed on the show a few weeks ago, but today, we got to hear from Russini herself regarding Max and this airplane situation.

A burrito AND two (2) sodas. Two (2) sodas AND a burrito. No matter which way you frame it, that's a lethal combination for a cross-country flight from Newark to Las Vegas. That's a long time in the air with a lot of dangerous products being digested at the time. And this is coming from someone who has a very sensitive stomach. I'm not touching ANY hot food right before a flight. I'll take that fake, mediocre turkey sandwich every time just to be safe.

Anyways, there can only be one big takeaway from this story…

Max had two (2) sodas.

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