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Yo Vindog! "Any advice on how to settle down without moving too fast; on knowing when they could be the ONE?"

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TrollHouse writes: "Yo Vindog! I started dating a girl a couple of months ago, and we’ve started getting more serious. I'm 32, and she's 28, and there are no red flags. I like hanging out with her, and she’s really into me, and THAT scares the sheet out of me. Do you have any advice on how to settle down without moving too fast? Do you have any thoughts on knowing when they could be the ONE?" 

As full-fledged knuckleheads, early in life, we're conditioned to believe we've won the girlfriend lottery if she has a great ass and big tits. I, myself, have always been a legman…

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As we mature and have had ample time to fondle those tits, grab that ass, and spread those long luscious legs, we begin to realize there's more to a woman than just the fruit that hangs off her tree. There are things like intelligence, creativity, attitude, passion, and humor that all need to be considered. And it helps if she's flexible and not too demanding…

Smart is the new Sexy…

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Remember, a girl's ass and tits start sagging over time, and then what are you gonna be left with? A tree with low-hanging fruit! How much fun can that be? (okay, it can still be somewhat entertaining…)

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If you enjoy hanging out with this girl, she makes you laugh, makes you think, and genuinely cares about you, and you about her, then I believe you've found the ONE! And in that scenario, you can NEVER move too fast. If you're taking second base, you do it running, same as when you steal home.

I met my beautiful wife on June 27th (1976), and for her birthday on September 5th, I bought her a pear-shaped Opal ring with Diamond chips. I knew she was the ONE as soon as I met her!

TrollHouse, if this girl checks all the boxes, and you like hanging out with her, and she's into you, then don't let THAT scare the sheet out of you. Those are good things!

Things can move very quickly, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with my last post about engagement rings and act quickly! You don't want to miss out on a great girl.

Stop right there…I gotta know right nowBefore we go any furtherDo you love me?Will you love me forever?Do you need me?Will you never leave me?Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life?Will you take me away, and will you make me your wife?Do you love me?Will you love me forever?