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GET WELL SOON: Ben Simmons Declared Out For The Season - AGAIN


What a damn shame that I'm sure nobody saw coming. Ben Simmons simply can't catch a break. Just seemed like yesterday Simmo returned to the Nets and absolutely CRUSHED his o/u of points in his return. HE KNEW WHAT TIME IT WAS: 

Sarcasm and injuries aside, as much as I could/should let it all go, it still grundles my taint thinking about the wasted overall talent that is Ben Simmons. The man - while healthy (albeit both "Mentally and "Physically") - can ball. There's no denying that. He was the #1 overall pick and All-Star selection for a reason. But we all know the real Ben Simmons at this point. At 27-years-old and almost a decade in the league, he probably ain't developing that shot/true winning attitude. A damn shame. And yes, I still go back and watch Ben Simmons in the 2016 Summer League highlights an unhealthy amount of times. No organism in the entire history of the Animal Planet has devolved as much as #25 on the hardwood. Well, maybe Markelle Fultz going from #1 overall pick to completely forgetting how to shoot a basketball in less than a season. That was incredibly fun, too. 

Oh well. Get well soon in Brooklyn, Ben. Otherwise we might be seeing Simmo The Savage holding court at your local LA Fitness sooner than later.  

PS - Franklin still deserves to be locked up for this.