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'Those Three Screwed These Kids. Print It 5 Times.' - Manasquan's Coach Should Never Stop Complaining About One Of The Worst Calls In The History Of Hoops


We saw what happened last night in a state semifinal game in New Jersey: 

I've thought about it since I saw this and really think this is the worst call in the history of basketball. It's up there with the screwjob the USA had in 1972. 

Not only did they screw these kids, they had the call right! The ref made the good sign and then they reversed it. That's unbelievable. In fact all three of these refs should be fired on the spot. Anyone associated with New Jersey high school basketball that has an impact on this game should be fired on the spot. All the losers in New Jersey high school basketball that refused to comment on the game should be fired on the spot. That's how egregious it is. 

I love Manasaquan's coach straight up saying they got screwed. He should do an interview every single day until these guys are fired saying the same thing. Yes, I'm aware that it's a 'judgement' call and there's human error in judgement calls. But why? There needs to be a full deep dive into why the refs OVERTURNED THE RIGHT CALL. That's what I can't get over. If they were bullied into the wrong call because Camden's coaches were yelling at them then publicly fire them. Hold a press conference and let Manasquan's coach fire every single person as a form of justice. 

How do you reject an appeal right away when there's video evidence that the game was robbed? 


I know Manasquan blew a lead. I know they didn't score in the 4th quarter, but they won that game. It doesn't matter if you choke away a lead if you win it at the buzzer. That's all that matters. Unbelievable that these refs screwed an entire team in the state semis and everyone associated with it refuses to comment. Pathetic.