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The Wildest Ending Of The Night Was A NJ High School State Semifinal Where A Team’s Buzzer Beater Got Waived Off And It Looks Like A Horrific Call

It’s been a wild night in hoops. We had the #10 seed Jacksonville take down #1 seed Eastern Kentucky in the A-Sun Quartefinals, Providence basically took over Georgetown, Holy Cross upset Army in the Patriot play in game and Florida scored a million in a meaningless regular season game in a win over a team we won’t mention. Wild night. 

But the craziest moment of the night comes from New Jersey where Camden takes down Manasquan after a CONTROVERSIAL ending to say the least. 

When I first saw the clips it’s hard to pick up the audio. Until this one came through. 

Pretty clear he got it off  before the horn. Like very clear. Refs look and listen and this one seems rather obvious. Also the still frame supports the evidence. The damn thing is nearly through the hoop with time on the clock. 

Just an awful way to lose especially after a refs huddle. Absolutely horrible. Brutal brutal loss. 

The one rather interesting thing of the situation is when I saw who weighed in on the topic. 

If you are saying “wow that name sounds familiar” it’s because maybe you recognize this clip. 

I can only imagine what the refs would have been in for if Rice was coaching this game. Balls at the head, kicks in the ass and God knows what else.