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On Monday March 4th Klemmer Is Going Into Solitary Confinement And He May Never Be The Same Again

Everything is set for the Klemmer's solitary confinement. I've sealed all of the paper thin cracks a Klemmer could escape from, and Starting Monday, March 4 at 10:00am, the Klemmer will spend 100 hours in a dingy room with no clocks, windows, or human interaction. For those 100 hours I will be in charge of the Klemmer. I will have to feed and water the Klemmer, but I've also set up challenges it will have to complete throughout the duration of confinement. 

I'm well aware of the Stanford Prison Experiment, and if you think I'm above abusing my fake prison guard power, you haven't caught on to the fact that I'm already referring to Klemmer as a thing, rather than a human. 

Originally Klemmer was going in with amenities that would have made this week like hanging out in a college dorm room. Mini-fridge, nerf hoop, High Noons, and unlimited snacks. Those luxuries are all gone. If Klemmer wants a reward, he will have to earn it through various challenges that have been set-up. To avoid human interaction, the room has been installed with lockers. At random times during confinement, Klemmer will get a key that opens one of the locker doors. Inside the locker will be his challenge. If completed correctly, Klemmer will be rewarded. If Klemmer fails, he will be punished. 

Another wrinkle that's been removed is the online chat. As funny as it would be for the chat to deliver Klemmer insane fake news like China has invaded Florida, the interaction would be too much stimulation. When Klemmer arrives he will hand over in his cell phone and lap top and in return handed a notebook. I will post Klemmer's handwritten journal entries as blogs at least once a day. 

Convicts in a supermax prison are allowed one religious text, so Klemmer will be granted his Baseball Encyclopedia that covers the years 1901- 2006. That's it. Any other personal luxuries will be confiscated. 

Klemmer might be physically weak and frail, but his mind is strong. I see Klemmer creating a mental palace where he is able to entertain himself and keep his mind occupied. Still, isolation has a lasting effect on even the most impregnable minds. Whatever Klemmer goes into this room, the same Klemmer will not be coming back out. 

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P.S. No toilet paper currently in the bathroom. It would truly be a shame if I forgot to put some in there before the confinement starts.