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I'll Be Going Into Solitary Confinement For 100 Hours

It was mentioned briefly on The Unnamed Show that I'll be going into Solitary Confinement for 100 hours. I'll enter a windowless room with no clocks, phone or computer on 10 AM on Monday March 4th and I'm not allowed to leave until 2 PM on Friday March 8th. We have an empty storefront underneath the NY office and I'll be in a small office in that area. I won't see another human being the entire week.

The question I keep getting from people I tell this to is...why? I've always been interested how I would do in this type of situation. I was on the Kirk Minihane Show a couple of years ago and said I thought I could survive Supermax prison in Colorado as long as I could get Colorado Rockies games on the radio. Kirk correctly told me that I was being stupid and they wouldn't just let me listen to Rockies games. I just imagined myself with a scorebook scoring Rockie games. I'd look forward to them all day and probably have such a dependance and fandom for the Rockies. Last year would have been tough being in Supermax.

Here's what I will have with me in solitary confinement:

-Baseball Encyclopedia (that goes from 1901-2006)


-Nerf basketball hoop and basketball

I'll also be able to see the Rumble chat. That will be my only link to the outside world. Vibbs is creating challenges that I will get to do each day to potentially win entertainment and/or additional food options. 

This will be my bathroom. No showers for 4 days will suck but at least I have that awesome urinal or toilet choice when I piss.

This will be a 100 hour livestream. I hope this is good but I truly have no idea. I'm really happy with how Rat Race came out and I was pretty confident it would be good just because putting content people in NYC racing around will lead to stuff. This is very different. I really have no idea what to expect.

Some people have reached out and said that 100 hours of solitary confinement can lead to psychological damage. I do think I'll be OK. I can control the lights and can shut them off at night. I can also leave whenever I want (which would end the challenge obviously). But I am feeling pretty confident I can do this. Kirk asked me last week what I thought my chances were I could do this and said 85%. It's impossible to really know until you do it but it seems achievable? 

The Rumble chat will be my only lifeline into the real world. Hopefully if you are reading this, you can a kind person and will be helpful in the chat with what's going on in the real world. But you could probably tell me anything and a small part of me would believe it. Please be kind.

The 100 Hour Solitary Confinement begins on Monday March 4th at 10 AM on Rumble and all platforms!