Jalen Brunson Broke Down His Negotiations With The Mavericks, Which Included Dallas Turning Down Signing Him To A 4-Year, $55 Million Deal TWICE And Brunson Not Hearing From Mark Cuban When He Became A Free Agent

Hey Dave, as a businessman that knows a thing or two about keeping great talent, what is your opinion of Mark Cuban after seeing that clip?


Harsh but fair, especially when you consider the bargain basement deal Mark could've had on the brain that Dave discovered long before Peter Chernin, PENN, and others had a chance to throw money at it.

However, Cuban obviously wasn't alone in thinking Jalen Brunson wasn't worth $55 million let alone nearly twice that much when the Knicks landed him for $104 million over four years.

Even though one publication clearly knows ball and Brunson's worth...

Now I have never watched Shark Tank, but I thought the point of the sharks were to attack a good deal when they saw it. I'm not looking to dunk on Mark Cuban since around these parts we know that sharks have feelings too. But the last two times the supposedly idiotic Knicks have made a deal with him, they:


1. Signed his backup point guard to a deal that has already been called one of the best free agent signings in NBA history 


2. Dealt him an oft-injured 7'3" Latvian that played a whopping 134 games with the Mavs after signing a max extension before he was moved for the immortal Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans. The Knicks used that freed up cap room to sign Julius Randle, who has been an All NBA forward twice since he came to New York.

So I guess I'd like to thank Cuban like I thanked Kevin Durant for bringing the circus to the Barclays Center instead of Madison Square Garden. This Knicks entire run to relevance wouldn't have been possible without him, not would their last run to relevance when he allowed Tyson Chandler to leave instead of trying to defend their NBA Championship. Again, I'm not sure how Shark Tank works. But making deals for guys that Shark Boy doesn't want seems to be a pretty good way of doing business.

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