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I Just Bought My Stanley Cup Finals Tickets For $48 And So Can You

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Do you have your Stanley Cup tickets yet? Because I do. I just bought my tickets for game 1 of the Caps Stanley Cup for $48 (because Pres doesn’t pay me enough to buy the good seats) using

All I do is pay $2.30 per week, and then when they make it to the Stanley Cup, I’m all set and have saved about a billion dollars on my tickets. Might even buy health insurance with the money I’m going to save. It’s really that easy. You just go to the site, lock in your price, and next thing you know you’re next to me drinking out of the cup.

And say Ovi pulls his ACL celebrating his 100th goal of the year in mid-January, you can stop paying at any time.

So no matter what team you like, you can go over to and buy up your Stanley Cup tickets today. Don’t be home on your couch in June when you can pay 2 dollars a week and be at the arena.