A Shot-By-Shot Breakdown Of The 'Deadpool & Wolverine' Trailer

Last night, at the very start of the Super Bowl, we got our first look at Deadpool 3, actually titled 'Deadpool & Wolverine'....

….or 'Wolverine & Asshole' if you ask Hugh Jackman….

I used to do shot-by-shot breakdowns of the trailers for any new Star Wars movies (and we haven't gotten one of those in a while) so I figured why not do the same for the movie that will supposedly "save the whole Marvel universe"?!

Let's get right into it….

We kick things off with a Wade Wilson birthday scene, and he is sporting a BEAUTIFUL head of hair. Eat your heart out, Ken.

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Onto the attendees….

All of the characters you know and love from the first two Deadpool movies are back (except TJ Miller) - which includes Dopinder, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Yukio, Blind Al, Shatterstar, Peter, and of course: Morena Baccarin's Vanessa. 

Easily one of the best superhero love interests ever.

Part of me was afraid this trailer would be full of cameos, and I didn't want to see too many spoilers in the very first teaser, so I was delighted to realize the returning characters from the Deadpool franchise would pretty much be the only ones shown.

We quickly get to the TVA knocking on Deadpool's door, prrrrobably due to the timeline shenanigans he pulled at the end of Deadpool 2….

I'd have to imagine some branched timelines were created there. We'll talk more about the TVA in a second, though.

Just wanted to quickly note that the Disney/pegging fourth-wall-breaking joke was perfect. Welcome to the MCU Ryan Reynolds!


I need to see Matthew Macfadyen's character interact with Owen Wilson's Mobius at some point. 

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It may not be in this movie, after what felt like a bit of a send off for Mobius in the last season of 'Loki' - but he's gotta return eventually, and I want them bantering together as soon as possible. Wambsgans better survive this movie so that can happen.

Alright, this is interesting - is the TVA sending Deadpool on a mission on their behalf? Do they have his suit hung up in a locker for him? And why is Wade wearing a nametag? 

Maybe this isn't even at the TVA at all, though? He's in blue, and I can't tell what it says under 'Wade' on his nametag….but in trying to make out some words in the blurriness, I feel like I see the shape of "Sales Consultant". 

This could just be a gag about him getting a job in his downtime or something. 

Deadpool watching the whole MCU (kinda like how Loki got to see his fate in the first episode of his show) is DOPE. 

His quick salute while watching the Captain America movies was very funny too. Hopefully we get a quip or two about the not-so-great movies in the MCU during this scene. If there's ever a time for Marvel to poke fun at themselves, it's now.

This is Emma Corrin as Cassandra Nova - AKA Cassandra Nova Xavier - AKA Charles Xavier's evil twin sister that he tried to kill in the womb. She survived, though, and spends her whole life seeking revenge on him in the comics. Tell me that ain't METAL. 

I mean look at this chick….

She'll supposedly be the main villain in this movie, and I'm very excited to meet that freak.

I'm pretty sure THIS version of Wolverine that Deadpool sees from behind is a different variant than the one in the classic yellow suit from the end of the trailer/promo pictures….

Everyone is freaking out about it possibly being the 'PATCH' version of the character, which I'm admittedly unfamiliar with, but it looks dope as hell, so….cool!

Clem and I are gonna have to get our pal (and resident My Mom's Basement comic expert) Jose Youngs to explain that one to us.

Apparently 'Patch' takes place in Madripoor, and that IS the right kinda setting for a singer to be on stage, laying a background track to the poker/mischief going on, so maybe that singer could be Taylor Swift as the Dazzler?!

Crazier things have happened! Just saying!

This Deadpool suit POPS compared to the previous ones, huh?! They cranked the contrast/saturation up and it looks GREAT. It's only a slight design change, but it works so well and it's probably my favorite Deadpool suit yet.

That final image is giving me some serious shades of Reservoir Dogs, too….

How about this next shot….

That's GOTTA be Alioth, the smoke monster from the Void in Loki, right?!

We got a little tease of Alioth at the end of LOKI Season 2, when Ravonna Renslayer wound up in the Void and faced off with him - so I wonder if we'll see her in this movie….

That'd serve as some nice connective tissue in the universe.

I don't know who this is but he looks shady. I don't trust him.

I didn't even recognize who this was at first, but according to the closed captions, this is Pyro from the old X-Men movies!

Pyro had one of the best scenes in X2, and turned into an all time chickenshit heel in 'The Last Stand', so I'm fascinated to see where he's at in his life over 18 years later.

Could this possibly be the forrest where the opening sequence of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' took place?

It could just be a snowy forrest, because I don't know why Deadpool would go back there, but that's the current speculation!

Deadpool is thrown up against the 20th Century Fox logo here, which I assume has been pruned to the Void….

Pretty funny. The Void is great for jokes like that, which I assume we'll get plenty of. They even snuck a Secret Wars comic in there!

Hopefully he strolls past the Thanoscopter at some point….

Then, for the grand finale….

We've got one of the best silhouettes in all of comic books: Wolverine. Just a tease, but that's all that was necessary.

I can't stress enough how much I love the restraint Marvel showed in this trailer. No crazy cameos show for cheap pops, no real Wolverine footage - nothing huge was dropped here, but they still built the hype for this movie perfectly. 

Hell, this shot of Deadpool reloading by catching flying mags with his guns?!

That's all you needed to say! Take my fucking money for this movie NOW! July 26th can't come soon enough.

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