X-Men Director Matthew Vaughn Says That Deadpool 3 Is Going To "Save" The MCU And Bring It "Back To Life"

When I first saw this quote, I told myself not to get my hopes up because there is nothing worse than going into an overhyped superhero movie only to leave the theater with a massive pair of blue balls after being let down to go along with a massive case of popcorn belly. 

Then I thought about it for a second and realized that's pretty much exactly what happened when Quantumania was promised to be an "epic sci-fi war movie that will be as integral to the MCU as Captain America: Civil War" before it was as disappointing as watching Kang get absolutely worked by a Tier C superhero with the help of very advanced ants, which was later followed up by Secret Invasion's uneven slop of shit.

Guardians, Spider-Verse, and Loki Season 2 all ruled. But the MCU feels like its been bleeding out for a few years now and none of those three projects are going to give it a much-needed shot of adrenaline in the chest Pulp Fiction style.

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Which is why I am going to eat up every bit of hype that the aggregators spit into my time feed like a baby bird chowing down from its mama bird's mouth and just hope everything doesn't turn to shit. If Ryan Reynolds can't get the ship pointed in the right direction with his brain, a Disney-sized budget, and a full multiverse worth of characters at his disposal, we should probably get ready to start speaking about the MCU's greatness in the past tense for good or at least until they introduce their iterations of the Fantastic 4 and X-Men.

That seems like it may be putting a lot of pressure on Deadpool 3 to be awesome or at the very least not suck. But I think Wade Wilson already has a good chunk of the MCU on his shoulders right now considering Deadpool 3 is the only MCU movie that will be released this year, which is why I am praying to God none of the suits at Disney are giving any notes on this movie because it needs to be uncut to the gut just like the first two flicks.

Besides if anyone knows what it takes to breathe life into a comic cinematic universe, it's Matthew Vaughn after he gave us what I thought was a delightful reboot rebranding whatever fancy movie phrase they called X-Men: First Class back in 2011.

Speaking of which, I fully admit that I am a professional idiot that should never give notes to anybody, let alone someone as talented as Ryan Reynolds. But I don't care how many different universes Deadpool 3 dives into. Morena Baccarin should be Vanessa in all of them and we should meet every single one since Morena Baccarin is the goddamn best.

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Actually I'll allow a couple of Vanessas to be Blake Lively as well because it would be a funny nod to the audience and Blake is the goddamn best in her own right to the point her lack of Blake of the Years are starting to get concerning.

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I'm sure Robbie and I will discuss all of this when we talk nerdy on the next My Mom's Basement.