Monday Night RAW Just Opened To “ROCKY SUCKS!” And “We Want Cody!” Chants (And The Rock Isn’t Even There)

After the #WeWantCody hashtag took social media by storm and trended for 72 straight hours this weekend (due to the fans being upset over WWE setting up The Rock vs Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40), one of the big questions everyone was asking was: will the crowd hijack RAW for Cody? Would the live audiences treat this the same way they treated Daniel Bryan not being in the main event picture before WrestleMania XXX?

Videos of the Rock/Roman teaser playing at a house show this weekend gave us a decent indication that the WWE Universe might not be thrilled with the direction in which they were going….

….and that reaction was confirmed in the opening segment of RAW in St Louis tonight, when Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes were met with thunderous boos whenever they tried to sell the crowd on a match between each other at WrestleMania. These people wanted Cody vs Roman, and made it clear with their "ROCKY SUCKS!" chants in a segment that didn't even mention him....

You know how bad you had to fuck this up to have the WWE AUDIENCE turn on THE ROCK like that?!?!

At this point, it seems like WWE is monitoring the reception and even leaning into it (cutting to plenty of "WE WANT CODY" signs in the crowd) - but make no mistake about it, this has been a clusterfuck since the Rumble. I wouldn't be so quick to give them the benefit of the doubt on this being a work all along, even if they do the right thing and turn it into one - because almost none of it makes any sense in kayfabe. We're snip-snapping all over on motivations and nothing adds up!

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I'm also not sure Dwayne Johnson anticipated this on every post he makes now…..

Hopefully they course-correct and make it a triple threat, or better - make The Rock a Special Guest Referee between Cody/Reigns at Mania and put that Rock/Roman match off til SummerSlam. I think they're already headed in that direction (or a direction like that) and that we'll see Cody in that main event on Sunday night. If not, I think they risk that dream match being hijacked by drunk, cold, and angry hardcore wrestling fans in Philly at the end of a long weekend. 

Who the hell knows tho. I may be workin myself into a shoot here.

Cody still has a match with Shinsuke Nakamura in the main event tonight, so more chants may follow. I'll update this blog and include anything interesting like that a little later on. 

Carrabis and I did a podcast about this over the weekend, as well - check that out below….