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Bill Polian And Chris Mortensen Are Still Killing It On SportsCenter (By Killing It I Mean Outright Lying)





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Real bangup job by the crew over at SportsCenter this afternoon. First, Mort goes all foot in mouth talking about “distorted” stories. Oh yeah, distorted? Tell me about that, Chris. Do you have any experience? Perhaps like that time 7 months ago when you had an egregiously distorted report where you announced that 11 of 12 Patriot footballs were 2 PSI below the allowed level? I guess I actually have to tip my cap to ESPN on this one, when you’re going to discuss lies in attempt to grab headlines then you might as well bring in the expert.


Then we had a little more of Billy P discussing that time the Patriots filmed the Rams walkthrough then knew every single play they were going to run and won the Super Bow. Waittttttt… but that didn’t happen! Lol, whoops! Forgot to fact check again. One google and you can find the front page retraction from the Herald but fuck that. The Patriots are evil and win a lot so let’s just keep spreading those lies. Do your thing, ESPN. Do it.




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