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I May Have Saved The Future Of The NFL

Huge news out of friend of the program, The Athletic's Senior NFL Insider, Dianna Russini reporting that Roger Goodell wants to permanently ban the tush push/brotherly shove. 

There of course was an clip that painted me in an unfavorable light earlier this year when the Eagles beat the Buccaneers in primetime and in talking about how much I hated the tush push/brotherly shove, I suggested I would take an injury to a star player to have it removed.

It was clipped and I was threatened from South Philly all the way up to the top of Montgomery County.

Jalen Hurts even brought up how I wanted him hurt.

I tried to clarify that I meant I want it out to prevent injuries as the main crux of my argument is that it's a dangerous play for the defenders involved.

It's not a safe play, which I blogged a month ago, and we've seen players get hurt on it this season, most notably, Brock Purdy

So while I took a lot of heat for my take and I admit it was out of line, we got took the conversation up a notch. And now it may be banned? All I ask is if you see me 10 years from now and you're enjoying a high scoring, forward pass-filled Sunday slate or prime time game to say "Thank You Steven Cheah".