Jalen Hurts Called Me Out In His Press Conference Today

Mike Carlson. Getty Images.

Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts is a top tier talent. One of the best Quarterbacks in the game. A great story and by all accounts a hard worker, excellent teammate, and good dude. On a live stream for Monday Night Football, I was getting frustrated by the Tush Push or Brotherly Shove (much better name) play. I had been annoyed with the play last season, but figured the NFL would ban it as it was speculated during this past off-season. That didn't happen.

So in the heat of the moment, I said I wished the play went away, and I would be ok if Jalen Hurts getting hurt if it meant the play would be banned. That was clipped and I've been taking heat for it since the clip made it's rounds. A bunch of my co-workers piled on as it was a worthy storyline and would be funny to see me in the wash online.

Boy did that clip make the rounds. It's at about 3.5M views and counting, but it also made it's way across the desk of one Jalen Hurts who addressed it his his weekly press conference.

It's a fine line I'm walking between entertainment and being an actual scumbag and I'm afraid I've crossed it. I was asked on an Eagles podcast today to clarify my thoughts and I elaborated that this isn't an anti-Jalen Hurts or even an anti-Eagles thing. They are well within their rights to do what is legal and acceptable.

In summary, I do not actually wish Jalen Hurts would get injured. He's one of the top Quarterbacks in the NFL and he has a bright future as he's on a Hall of Fame track. I hope he has a long and decorated career. I do fully wish the NFL would outlaw offensive players intentionally pushing other offensive players within the tackle box. It's an ugly, dangerous play that belongs in Rugby, not our great NFL game.


Also Philly - you should get rid of the name Tush Push. The Brotherly Shove is far funnier and more endearing. If I hate the play, at least I can get a giggle out of it. Buy the new Brotherly Shove merch here: