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The Carolina Panthers Are Officially A Circus After Firing Frank Reich Halfway Through His First Season As Head Coach


No offense to Frank Reich and his family, but damn it feels good to play that song for an NFL team other than my own for once. I don't know anything about David Tepper other than he has more money than anyone on my Dozen team, which is a pretty decent flex for most people. But my god he has turned the Panthers into an absolute shitshow. 

I get Carolina wasn't exactly world beaters when Tepper bought them three years removed from their 15-1 Super Bowl season. But taking over a team that made the Wild Card with an 11-5 record then pumping in an absurd amount of money only to see that team go 30-62 is toughhhhhh.

The worst part of all this for Panthers fans is where do you go from here? First Matt Rhule was the extremely expensive savior despite him having to wear to a smock to protect him from his own spit.

Then Frank Reich became the guy after coming up short with the Colts and being replaced on the sideline by Jeff fucking Saturday (I swear this actually happened and isn't some Mandela Effect).

Now Carolina is going to have their fourth head coach in two years (shout out Steve Wilks for making them look competitive at the end of last season) while having to watch an awful team. I'm not just saying that as someone that looks at the Panthers box scores every Monday. I watch them way too much because I was hoping they could scrap together enough wins to make the pick they are sending to the Bears land outside the Caleb Williams/Drake Maye/Marvin Harrison Jr. Zone before I realized that was a work in futility. 

Not only do the Panthers fans not get to dream of who their team will pick in the Top 10 next season like the rest of us who are rooting for zombie teams. But the reason they don't have their pick is because they traded their 2024 pick to move up to number 1 to and draft Bryce Young while this absolute stud was still on the board (along with the fact that Frank Reich made it seem like he didn't even want Young).


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