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'They'll Be All Sluggish And Shit' - Dan Hurley Has Embraced Being A Lunatic And Wants To Cancel Thanksgiving So UConn Can Make History

Hand up, I was more wrong about Dan Hurley than anything. When he got hired at UConn, I thought it made sense but didn't think he'd do THIS. By this I mean win a title early on, turn Jordan Hawkins into a lottery pick, lose a bunch of key guys and be a national title contender again a year later. But that's what Dan Hurley did and is doing. 

We also always knew Dan Hurley was fairly crazy and I mean that in a good way. But this? This shows he's a goddamn killer. Yes, I know he's joking, but you know deep down he's talking to his dad about it. He should go through with this, set the tone. That or have Thanksgiving at his house for everyone (that might be an NCAA violation because the NCAA sucks) and serve them anything but turkey. Can't have them all sluggish and shit when you're chasing history. Oh, history being setting the record for most consecutive double-digit nonconference wins. A real stat that people are talking about, I promise. 

But really this is about UConn as a whole. They are a monster. I'm man enough to admit that. All they do is dominate teams. Lose Sanogo? No problem when you have Donovan Clingan hanging around and looks like a better prospect. Lose Hawkins and Jackson? Fine, they'll just put out Alex Karaban who is making a sophomore leap or Tristen Newton who looks awesome this year. Then they go and get Cam Spencer to fill out some shooting, a guy like Samson Johnson figuring out the game and that's how they are No. 3 on KenPom. That's how the beat the hell out of Indiana and Texas back-to-back days. 

I know people like to freak out during November basketball games. Lose one and you are a fraud. Dominate and you're immediately a title contender. That's why I say, I understand UConn still has the Big East. That conference is awesome. They have to play a round robin style with Creighton, Marquette, go to Nova, Xavier, etc. There will be losses. Hell, they still have to go to Kansas in a couple weeks. My point being it doesn't matter, Dan Hurley built a monster at UConn. Just don't let them eat turkey.