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The Eagles Went Full Galaxy Brain Deciding To Flip The Script Of Super Bowl And Go Into Halftime Losing By 10

Jamie Squire. Getty Images.

I'll never forget that feeling. 

Halftime of Super Bowl LVII. The Eagles head into the locker room with a 24-14 lead. Patrick Mahomes is hobbling off the field. At that moment, the entire city thought we were just 30 minutes of gameplay away from winning our 2nd Super Bowl. Heading to the bathroom in a packed bar, the overall emotion was pure joy and ecstasy. It was done. It was over. 

Until it wasn't. 

The Eagles proceeded to get outscored 24-11 in the 2nd half and it was yet another championship loss for the city of Philadelphia. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. 

Clearly it's something this team has been thinking about over the past 10 months. The Eagles took a good, hard look in the mirror and had to figure out where exactly they went wrong in that game. They needed to make an adjustment tonight in Arrowhead. They needed to do something different. So instead of going into the locker room up 10 points at halftime, what if the Eagles just went on to play one of the shittiest halves of football we ever saw to start the game?

The offensive line didn't even attempt to block Chris Jones in the 1st half. Fletcher Cox couldn't even get within 10 yards of Patrick Mahomes. Brian Johnson was calling a kid playing Madden who finally decided he'd stop just going with "Ask Madden" on every play call for the first time. It was a disaster, yes. But perhaps a controlled disaster. 

A 43-yarder from Butker to close out the 2nd half after the Eagles went 3&out with under a minute left, and the Chiefs were up by 10 at halftime. Either it was a dog shit half of football in a hostile environment and shitty weather, or the Eagles galaxy brained the shit out of this game. And I'm choosing to believe the latter because it's much more fun that way. 

Up by 10 at half vs Chiefs = lose the Super Bowl. Down by 10 at half vs Chiefs = win the game. Seems like pretty basic math to me. 

I still have no idea how the Eagles won that game. They looked so bad for so long tonight. It certainly helps that Kansas City has a bunch of Agholors playing receiver. But at no point tonight did it seem like the Eagles were going to win that game, until they did. 9-1. Wins over Miami, Dallas and Kansas City. This team was one half of football away from winning the Super Bowl last year, and they're even better this year. Buckle up, bitches. Go Birds. 

P.S. -- They were never going to lose on the anniversary of The Nightman Cometh.