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Unveiling Thanksgiving Topics: Part 3- Dessert

This blog series is devoted to making your Thanksgiving table just a little more bearable after I provide you with some topics that will lead the conversation away from the mundane. 

By the way, the woman in the thumbnail is Lauren Holly... Jim Carrey's second wife.

This is the third installment… The first two were WILDLY successful and you can find them here and here

TOPIC 3- What is the most petty rivalry between two teams, collegiate or otherwise?

I'll start.

The University of Toledo's team name is the Rockets and their mascots are Rocky the Rocket…

Giphy Images.

… and (in the spirit of inclusion) Rocksy the Rockette.

Giphy Images.

(not Rocksy)

Toledo's main rivals are the Falcons of Bowling Green University whose campus is located just 20 miles away from Toledo. The two teams formerly played for a trophy each year known as the Peace Pipe, but due to NCAA regulations and our current hyper-sensitive culture, the trophy is now called the "Battle of I-75" trophy… Which is an absolutely AWFUL name for a trophy when compared to "Peace Pipe" but apparently we can't have nice things anymore.

The Rockets' stadium is known as the "Glass Bowl" in recognition of Toledo's distinction of being the glass capital of the world, and outside of the main entrance sits an actual rocket because in 1961, the University of Toledo procured a genuine Nike-Ajax rocket from the U.S. Army missile program.

I wasn't aware you could just "procure" such things, but I learn something new every day.

And here is the petty part… The one-time functioning rocket sitting outside of Toledo's football stadium is angled to fire directly into the 50-yard line of Doyt Perry Stadium, home of the Bowling Green Falcons.

Giphy Images.

That's some petty shit… And I love it.

And since I learned this little tidbit, I've been made aware that similar well-placed statues exist elsewhere…

- The Citadel also has a missile on its campus allegedly pointed at the Virginia Military Institute.

- The Will Rodgers statue at Texas Tech is angled so the horse's ass is directed to Texas A&M in College Station.

- The Colorado State Rams have multiple on-campus statues where the ram's asses are pointing directly toward Deion Sanders' house in Boulder, CO.

If there are any others, throw them in the comments… Have a great Thanksgiving, and enjoy the nap…

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